Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Decor

Well Fall is offically here =) And I am soooo excited because I love to decorate for fall! In a previous post I gave y'all some ideas for decorating. Well I have finally got my house deocrated and those pictures have really come in handy for me. Below are some pictures of decorations throughout the inside of my house as well as the outside.

Fall scene in our yard. This is not quite complete. I am going to be adding some more pumpkins after our trip to the pumpkin patch. Plus I will be adding some mums.

Lamp on the kitchen counter.

Close up of the larger pumpkin

Close up of the smaller pumpkin

View of the left side of the kitchen

View of the right side of the kitchen

Close up of the fall plate

Close up of the pumpkin

Side table in the living room

Close up of the pumpkin on the side table

Dining room table

Close up of urn on the table

Scarecrows by the fireplace

HA! Sign says "No Crows" HA HA!

Close-up of pumpkin sitting on the mantle

View of the mantle

Full view of the fireplace and mantle

Close up of pumpkin sitting on urn by the fireplace

Wreath hanging on the front door. My mom made this for me =)

Set up on the front steps. The mum will be yellow once it blooms =)

A view of the front entrance way...I can not wait for the mum to bloom.

Another creation by my mom. This is by the front flower bed.

Door hanging going into the kitchen from the garage. And yep, another creation by my mom. =)

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this tour of my fall decor. As I add more mums to the fall scene I will take more pictures. Thanks for stopping by! =)



Crystal said...

Everything looks great! I especially love the plate! So pretty!

Nancy said...

It looks great, Jessica!
You've inspired me once again!

LeighAnne said...

I love all your fall stuff. It looks adorable. I have got to get my stuff out. I have been in such a funk....maybe it will happen this weekend! I hope you have a great week!!

The Allen Family said...

cute cute!! my favorite is the dining table center piece...where did you get the fall-ball sticks? (for lack of what to call them). i just might need some of them :)

Jessica said...

thanks everyone for the sweet comments =)

LA~you have been on my mind sweetheart

Layne~I've had those a couple years now. I got them at Wal-mart. I have looked since for more with no luck...if you come across some please let me know

Kim at Polka Dot Thought said...

Wow--you have a lot of fall decor and it all goes together perfectly! I stumbled upon your blog from Kelly and was reading your about you. I have a brother who is just now returning from his first deployment to Iraq. He has been there a year. Congrats to your husband home!

Liz said...

Everything looks lovely! Love your kitchen, so pretty.


I love your fall scene and your mantle! Everything looks so wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing and have a wonderful week! -April

Alicia Shepherd said...

Do you have a Summer Version of your decor? I love the fall stuff and I love decorating for Fall...but summer is more of a challenge!