Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Garden

We love fresh veggies! I especially love when those fresh veggies come from our own garden...just something neat about knowing that what we eat, we grew =)
We planted a garden last year and it did "ok" We got a lot of beans and okra but that is it. None and I am none of the root veggies we planted produced. It was weird. So we just enjoyed a lot of beans and okra.
This year, we attempted the garden again. We planted it in a different direction to see if that may do the trick. Jason tilled it up and he and the kids went to work planting. We planted corn, several types of beans, okra, squash, lettuce, pumpkin, mustard greens, and of course tomatoes. We also planted in containers some herbs and peppers. Jason has this idea that I am going to be spending the summer canning and freezing...guess I need to call my grandmother because it's been a long time since I have done that and I can't remember =)
I so hope that the garden produces this year. If not I guess we will turn to a container garden because I think its our soil out here.

Below are some pictures of the J and the kids planting the garden. We planted about a month ago and we are already seeing some growth, so fingers crossed it will produce =) I will update and let you know.



Crystal said...

YUM! I hope you get a lot of veggies! I wish we could plant a garden! My dad plants a HUGE one though, so we reap the benefits of his hard work! My mom and I also plan on canning a lot of stuff this summer!

Kathryn said...

"First let me say that I love your blog and really enjoy reading it...and would read it even if you did not follow me =)
Secondly, I think this was very well said. =)"

Thanks so much I really appreciate that!

Wow that is a huge garden! That is so awesome that you guys can do that and teach your kids as well. I remember my mom having a small garden when I lived in New Hampshire, and it was a lot of fun to watch it all grow! :)

Aimee said...

Aww that's awesome! Gardens are a great way to spend family time outside. I remember helping my dad every spring and summer with the garden...good times! They are also worth every bit of work you put into them. I LOVE fresh veggies!!! I really hope all of your crops grow this year!!! I admit I'm getting jealous over here hehe. I wish we were able to plant a garden. I can't wait for the day we retire and buy a house!!

Abigail Grace said...

What a good looking plot of land :) I hope you have lots of good vegetables!!!

Nancy said...

Best thing you could ever do for your family :) I love it!