Thursday, May 6, 2010

MilSpouse Rock! Blog Carnival Day 6

Hello and Welcome to Day 6 of the MilSpouses Rock! Blog Carnival =)

Today we are to share our favorite recipe! YUMMY!!! You guys know that I LOVE to cook and have a whole blog just of recipes. Click HERE to visit the blog or you can use the link on the right side of this blog =) I just added a new recipe this morning that I am sure your going to love.

I am not submitting a comment today on Wives of Faith until AFTER the drawing is closed because I am giving away the prize for today! An awesome Tastefully Simple Gift Set =)

So, click HERE to head over to the Wives of Faith site and see what other mil spouses are cooking up...I can't wait to see!

In case you did not already know, we are participating in the carnival because tomorrow, May 7, has been dedicated as Military Spouse Appreciation Day.
Do me a favor, tomorrow if you come into contact with any milspouse tell them thank you, give them a hug, send an email, a text, a phone call...just someway to let them know how much they are appreciated...and for any hubby's who may read my blog (hint, hint) don't forget your wife. =)



Chrysanthemama said...

Thank you for offering the TS giveaway! I can't wait to check out your recipes. :)

jer and syd said...

How very generous of you to give the prize for today! I am also impressed you manage 2 blogs! I am barely making it with one...ha ha. Thanks for your involvement Jessica!