Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Armed Forces Day!

Happy Armed Forces day !!!

Thank you to all the men and women in uniform, past and present, who are defenders of our freedom.

You may remember from a previous post, that I mentioned a soldier from our area that my brother grew up with and I remember from the neighborhood was KIA in Afghanistan. ( Capt. Kyle Comfort)
Click HERE to link over to the video and story on a local tv station.
Today his body was flown into the airport and the Patriot Guard Riders escorted him along with his family and friends safely back home from the airport. Along the route they took, people from all over stood alongside the road to show we support our hero. My family and I went today to watch this was amazing...moved beyond words and full of tears. My hubby says he believes there was easily 200+ patriot guard....amazing! There are still a couple more events for us to show our support...and trust me we will be there.
Below is a picture of the riders...its from my camera phone...just could not bring out the camera (so excuse the quality)

Please keep this precious young man's family in your prayers. Pray for God to shower them with grace and peace. To comfort them in this most difficult time.

Also please pray for the funeral services. The idiots from Westboro are going to be there. My prayer is that they will not show up, but if they do that there will be so many supporters in attendance those idiots will never be seen or heard. Pray for this to be a peaceful time where NO ATTENTION is given to those idiots and all focus is on honoring a fallen soldier who deserves nothing but respect.

I will leave you with this video from Ray Stevens called "Thank You"


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Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

Happy Armed Forces Day (a little late) back at ya? I'll keep his family in my prayers.