Sunday, May 23, 2010

Graduation Festivities

It is so hard to believe that my little boy just hit another milestone in his life. He has completed the journey of pre-school and soon will be stepping into the world of "big school"

Last week was a week full of graduation festivities. Below are some pictures:


The kids and I before the service.

Jack walking up to receive his bible.

Jack and Pastor Barry


The kids before graduation

The kids and I before graduation.

My Big Boy

Jack receiving his diploma

I am one proud mommy ;)

The family celebrating Jack's graduation...we sure did miss Jason!

Jack with Pops and Granna

Jack with Nana and Chase

Our little graduate =)

On the last day of school, the kids had fun day (complete with ice cream!)

Jack with his buddies.

The kids and I at Fun Day

We are ready to enjoy our summer and I am going to try to prepare for sending my little boy to "big" school :(



Whitney said...

He is so adorable :)

Congrats on him finishing preschool!

Nancy said...

So cute! Logan said the other day he remembered his PreK graduation, I couldn't believe it! So I bet Jackson will remember this!
He's getting big & is so handsome!