Monday, May 17, 2010

Lining The Streets In Love

Yesterday, my friend Kim and I went to "Line the streets in love" to show support for a fallen soldier from our area. The viewing was yesterday so we wanted to show our support and sincerest respect by standing at the Church with our flags. It was a rainy (and at time lightening) day, but that did not deter the supporters from coming out. I will say that I am very proud at the attendance from our church. We had the entire entrance to the church covered as well as across the street. There were no signs of the hate spewing idiots from Westboro so that was good. Praying for the same today as this hero is layed to rest.

My precious friend, JENIFER, has some excellent pictures on her blog of the procession from Saturday as well as a great she says, I am so thankful to live in a small community that embraces each other and is there to lift and support during times like this.

Below are a couple pictures I snapped before the service began.

If you look close, you can see the Patriot Guard Riders coming thru on their way to the church for the viewing.

Sam, a little boy who goes to church with us, standing at the entrance of the church.

Some men from our church, Chad and Jordan, holding a flag at the entrance of the church.

Jeff and Laura folding a sign of support.

Click HERE to link over to a wonderful video from a local tv station.



Kathryn said...

Wow so beautiful that so many people would come out for it. I looked at the pictures on your friend's site too!

Shelly said...

Thank you for posting these photos. My husband and I were so saddened when we learned about CPT Comfort. I had briefly met his wife right around the time their daughter was born as he was in the same unit with my husband. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and daughter.

Aimee said...

Grace Fellowship is full of PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!

Kathryn said...

Thanks so much for your comment about baby wise! I agree that every child and family is different and I am keeping that in mind. I am so glad it worked for you, and I look forward to using their methods!

Nancy said...

Gives me chills! What an amazing man - so many men & women to be thankful for & you & your husband are included in that.
xoxo my friend. I'm sending a big hug to you today via your blog :)