Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend Recap

Whew...we had a very busy, very emotional weekend...I will spare you the details of all the emotional stuff and just give a quick recap. It's just that special days are hard...for lots of reasons, but nonetheless they are hard. Plus I received some hard news about my brother. Please be in prayer for him. He had some moles removed and they came back positive for skin now he must go back so the Dr. can dig deeper and determine what stage it is in. He had 5 moles removed and 4 came back positive. Pray that they have been caught early and are treatable. Then we found out a friend that my brother grew up with was KIA (killed in action) over the weekend. Just another shocking reminder that really puts life into perspective...and a reminder that I am soon going to be sending both my hubby and brother back "over there" Please be in prayer for this soldiers family and for all our soldiers who fight for us.

Now for Mother's day...
On Saturday we had a t-ball game so my mom and brother came up to watch Jack play. After the game we took mom out to eat at her favorite restaurant. It was so nice to be all together. Below are some pictures:

My mom posing with her Mother's Day gift.

The kids with Meme

Jack and me after our tball game at our favorite Chinese restaurant.

Then on Sunday we woke up, went to church, and then to my in-laws where J, his brother, his dad, and his grand-dad all cooked and cleaned up for me, J's mom, and grandmother. They cooked a low country boil (one of my faves), hamburgers and hotdogs, cole slaw, and cornbread. For dessert we had strawberry shortcake. The guys did a GREAT job! I could totally get used to it, but I guess its back to reality huh? =) Below are some pictures from Mother's Day. I failed to take a picture of my mother-in-law and J's grandmother...=(

Mother's day morning. The kids and J gave me my presents before we headed off to church. THEY ARE THE BEST!

My sweet babies and me after church at my in-laws house.

Jason with the 3 most favorite people in the world.

Jason and his brother Zach preparing our meal.

Jason's grand-dad came prepared to cook...complete with a monogrammed chefs hat and apron =)

My father in law and Jason's grand-dad preparing our meal.

Proof that my hubby does dishes =)

I hope that all you mommies out there enjoyed your day =)



Charity said...

I know my mom did! ;-)
She is always saying that "you kids are the best gift; I don't need anything else." So, when I couldn't get something for her in time this year, I thought that would make me feel better... sigh. Not so fast, missy! But her gift is coming, lol.
Happy Mother's Day, Jessica!

Anonymous said...

Jealous! Mike doesn't like to cook... Just eat. SO it's always up to me to make the meals when we are together

Aimee said...

Praying for your brother... I think about moles all the time...especially since I read that if you use the tanning bed 1 time in your life..your risk for melanoma goes up 75%. Yikes. Wish I would have never!!!

PS. What is low country boil? Never heard of it.

Jessica said...

Aimee-I can not believe you've never heard of low country boil and shame on me for not sharing it with you. Click over to the recipe blog and I will post the recipe on there =)