Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MilSpouses Rock! Blog Carnival Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of the Wives of Faith Milspouses Rock! Blog Carnival!

Today's topic is to write a love letter to our here goes:

My dearest Jason,

How funny is it that today we are to write a letter to our hubby's letting them know how much you mean to me. Do you realize what today is? It's May 5...this day holds a very special place in my heart. It was May 5, 1994...we were just a couple of crazy kids in high school. Even though its been 16 years (oh my did I just date us???), I can remember it like it was yesterday. I let a friend know that I had a crush in you (because I knew she would tell you) I remember walking down the hall with you -side by side just the 2 of us and you did not speak one word to me, but you smiled and I knew by your smile that you knew =) I remember eating lunch and you walking over to my table. The entire lunchroom got quiet and you squatted down next to me and asked me out. I of course said "YES!" (very enthusiastically if I remember correctly) Then your next sentence to me was "well, I should be broken up with my girlfriend by the end of the day" WHAT! It's funny now, but had I known then I would not have ever said yes...guess it's a good thing I did not know huh?

As the years go by, I stop and think about all the memories we've made-the good times we have shared and the love between us that keeps us going. I think about our date nights when I would sit through Wrestlemania Marathons just so I could be with you. Or suffer through Bama games (War Eagle!) just so I could watch you get excited when your team won. You are the quietest person in a room until Bama is on TV. I love that about you! You are a very passionate person. I still have every single note you passed me in the hallway. I often read them and I fall in love with you all over again. I still have every single "I love you" banner you ever made me (back before color printers so you had to color them yourself) I still have the poem you wrote for me while you waited in the school parking lot till 1am for me to return from a dance competition. I remember after you graduated high school, you still came to the school every day and left a note on my car for me-everyday-and when it was raining you would put the notes in a ziploc bag so it would not get wet.

I loved how you spoiled me-not just spoiled me with gifts, but with your attention. I love that and I love that it has not changed even after 16 years. Instead of notes I get texts or you write on my FB wall. =) But when your gone, the notes start flowing again...and I love's as if I can hear you say those things to if you are right next to me =) I love how I can tell you that I am having a bad day and you come in with a rose and tell me your on dinner and bath duty. You spoil me! I love reading the journal you kept for me during deployments. I love how you communicate with me about your experiences. Things that no one else knows about except us. I love how you put family first and spend all your time with us. I know that some people have given us a hard time about not hanging out more, but we see life so different...send your hubby to a war zone multiple times for over a year each time and I promise you will see how important family time is. I love how we can look in each others eyes and know know what the other is thinking. You are my encourager when I doubt myself. You are my strength when I feel like I can not keep going. You calm me down when I feel I can not take anymore. Your hugs make me melt. Your smile still gives me chills after all these years! =)

Jason, thank you for making me your wife, thank you for making me the mother of our children. Thank you for thinking we are strong enough for military life-strong enough to face every obstacle and deployment with faith and determination. You are my husband. You are my hero. I am so thankful that God created you just for me!

I love you always and forever!

Jason and me out to eat at Lady and Sons...a night away from the demob. process

One of our Christmas pictures from this past year.

About to go out on a date at the beach =)



Chrysanthemama said...

This is so sweet!
Our dating anniversary is 4/23/94. Happy 16th!

Aimee said...

What a sweet letter! You two are an adorable couple! Congrats on 16 years!!!

Lisa said...

so sweet!!!

Becky said...

That was SOOO amazingly sweet!!!

Aimee said...


That was so sweet,I just wanna cry!

Gosh...hard to believe its been since 94. Us too. (2-16-94) We are old Jess. Seriously. LOL

Oh well, we are OLD and HAPPY!

Crystal said...

So sweet!

Charity said...

That was SOOO sweet!! ;-)